Massage therapies & Yoga

I believe my thirst for life qualifies me as an explorer, a researcher, an investigator of life. My interests are many but all haven a common thread, self growth.Through philosophy and psychology I look for insights and with experiences I try to integrate this unswears turning them into knowledge.

I’ve studied psychology, yogic phylosophy, participated in numerous yoga teacher trainings, explored several body therapies, breathing techniques and meditation tools in order to sharpen and deepen my knowledge and understanding of spirit, body, and mind.

METTAFORMO, T.O.V.E & B.A.T are my own therapies, a combination of all previous inputs.

They are organic growing therapies for your wellbeing.

Thankful and excited to keep learning and sharing with you.

Thai massage:
acupressure and stretching reactivating the circulation of energy through the sen lines, restoring health.

Traditional Thai Oil:
an oily approach to line-work a dance between pressure and movement to activate general wellbeing.

fluid, rhythmic, movement to release the nervous system, melting with the receiver until disarmed and free.

working and stimulating reflex areas of the body.

Natural face lifting:
cranial bliss and lifting massage addressing all tensions in the face and head leaving you in paradise.

the art of listening, the quantic formula of giving attention and presence for the body to heal.

Chi Nei Tsang:
internal organs abdominal massage and ancient Chinese/ Tai formula of detoxifying and energizing the body.

My resume / CV

Chi Nei Tsang ”internal organs abdominal massage” Blue Garden (Remko) 2020 Thai Advanced Massage techniques (Pichet) 2020

Transpersonal Psychology Degree Phyllipus Thuban University (Marly Kuenerth) 2018/2019

Cráneo Sacral Open Space Pai (Rosemary Wallace) 2017

Face Natural Deep Lifting Syrichan Clinic (Dr. Nooy) 2017

Dynamic Sunshine School (David Lutt) 2017

Reflexology Chiang Mai (Waree) 2016

Thai Massage Sunshine Network (Andrea Baglioni) 2014/16 assisting 2018/20

Hatha Yoga 200h TTC Abhijna Yoga school in India 2015

Thai Oil in Koh Phangan (Ple) 2014

Kundalini Yoga TTC with Sat Guru in Barcelona 2012/2013

Daily compromise with practices such as awareness, meditation, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle are fundamental to reach deeper into the therapies I apply.

It is not about information, is about how sharp one becomes as a channeling tool