Breath Awakening Therapy

Cultivating the sweet sound of silence

Meditation develops focus, regulates thoughts and emotions, brings clarity aligning with purpose and objectives.

Breath removes programming from the cellular memory, triggering vitality and multilevel regeneration.

Transpersonal psychology adds comprehension, insight and rewiring.

I facilitate meditation sessions using breath, transpersonal technics and sound. I guide intuitively creating the space for a personalized experience. The power of self-discovery is healing & life-changing.. My degree in psychology in combination with other yogic ifluences has given me a very clear approach towards meditation and breathwork, using it as a therapeutic tool to find clues to reset your patterns.

Those who do not train the mind, are unaware of inner programming, prisoners of judgment, expectations, always clinging to future or past in automatic pilot, growing away from the present moment, where exceptional life, success, and wellbeing are.

You can be awakened, self-aware, free


live & online

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