Only by accepting and comprehending inner mechanisms you can free your self from them.


Mettaformo™: Activation is a self development program bringing together four foundational interpersonal themes that are explored over five retreats following the Metta Journey Retreat template of theory, practice and experience.

The goal of the program is to develop a broad and balanced understanding of the self along with introducing a variety of tools that will support the journey of transformation and expansion of awareness.

Five Metta Journeys to find your inner hero & discover your super powers:

The Inner Child-Traits & Imprints-Feminine & Masculine-Forgiveness and Coming Home.

Coming Home: An exploration of all 4 pillars of the Mettaformo™: Activation (see above) This retreat, depending on your previous experience, will provide an opportunity to learn, share and integrate all the key concepts in the Mettaformo™: Activation program connecting all the pillars together in one Metta Journey. The retreat can serves both as an introduction and as a review depending on where you are on your journey.

There is no predefined order to the program and can be taken independently with no previous experience. However, taken together the complete program will develop a broad and balanced understanding of the self that will expand emotional, mental and physical awareness, laying a powerful foundation for your life’s journey.



  Who are METTAFORMO™ Retreats for?

METTA JOURNEY Retreats are for anyone who is simply seeking more from their experience of life. Whether you are unsatisfied, bored or happily content, Metta Journey Retreats offer the chance of understanding more about yourself giving you the tools to grow and be more of who you want to be.

Each journey is designed and developed to help bring understanding to an important aspect of yourself, and what makes you who you are, so that you heal, harmonise and expand. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey, or experienced in any sort of self-development practices and disciplines, you will find these retreats accessible, transformative and inspiring. 

We belief that yearning for more is the call to find your highest path; the one that brings you the most excitement, joy and peace. That is why we present different approaches to help discover, realign and deepen your understanding about yourself and your inner truth. Through this seeking process you´ll develop new perspectives and you will have the tools to radically transform your relationship with yourself, your loved ones and the world.