METTA (Love & Kidness)

FORMO (Shape)




Mettaformo™ is a system of uniquely adapted self-development processes, methods and practices which are used across our workshops and retreats. 

Through a holistic and multi-perspectival approach Mettaformo™ supports the development of awareness, understanding and insight by incorporating psychological theory and analysis, wellness and healing modalities and ritualised group experiences. 

The primary frame for the Mettaformo™ system is the Hero’s journey, where each program, retreat, day or workshop can take us through an inner journey of awakening, transformation and inspiration.

All of the elements in the Mettaformo™ system powerfully combine to shine a light on negative thought, behaviour patterns and limiting belief systems so that you can choose to experience more freedom, joy and meaning in your life.

THE EVENT:Sometimes the mind tries to understand what the heart and soul can only comprehend… Mettaformo Metta (love & kindness) Formo (shape or formations) is a space portal to no time.

Creative guided group experiences into the world of presence to discover what are you made of. Life music and a deep ambiance to dive in to your inner world and add new logic, a beautiful guided experience back home, back to you.

These experiences are uniquely designed to facilitate new perspectives and understandings of the self.

THE RETREAT: A  journey  to transform your mental and emotional baggage, broadening views, adding comprehension and logic to find neutrality and inner order, in your own time, at your own space.

These retreats, are uniquely designed to faciliate new perspectives and understandings of the self.

The intention is, primarily, to surface unconcious patterns and limiting beliefs so that we can redefine, evolve and transform into expanded and more deeply aligned version of ourselves.

The memories of these moments of heightened awareness and deep insights can then become the spark and fuel to live with greater purpose, freedom and harmony in our day to day lives.


live & online

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