Thai Oil Vibration Energy

This crafted massage-therapy integrates 10 years of body-work insight.

Tove, the result of combining all the therapies i’ve learned.

– T –
Advance Thai technichs, stretching working the zen lines and fascia. Deep and powerful restoration of all body’s.

– O –
stands for oil, it gives the experience a different texture, more moist, hydrating and relaxing.

– V –
stands for vibration, the use of mantras, Tok sen, singing bowls and other techniques.

– E –
stands for energy, the conciseness, focus, creates a process of healing and reorganization of cells and systems.

T.O.V.E is an integrative therapy that includes subtle and powerful physical techniques, disarming blocks, helping achieve a state of clarity, well being, relaxation, and bliss.


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